01. They drank champagne out of [crystal] glasses.
02. Salt [crystals] look really cool if you examine them under a microscope.
03. The liquid [crystal] display on my alarm clock isn't working properly, so I can't read the time.
04. We have fake [crystal] wine glasses made out of plastic for the children to drink out of.
05. My little sister likes to collect [crystal] figurines of animals.
06. When we moved out from Ontario, the movers dropped a box containing our [crystal], and broke it all to bits.
07. There was a beautiful [crystal] chandelier in the lobby of the hotel, but it fell to the floor during the earthquake, and was destroyed.
08. There is a Turkish proverb which states that happiness is like [crystal] - when it shines the most, it soon cracks.
09. No two snowflakes have exactly the same [crystal] pattern.
10. In Siberia, it can get so cold that the moisture in a person's breath freezes, and can actually be heard when it falls to earth as ice [crystals].
11. [Crystals] grow by reproducing themselves; they come the nearest to being "alive" of all members of the minerals.
12. In the Bahamas, the fine, white beach sand is visible beneath the [crystal] clear waters for several yards out to sea.
13. Bohemia in the Czech Republic is famous the world over for the quality of its [crystal].
14. Robert Browning wrote, "What youth deemed [crystal], age finds out was dew."
15. With their music, the Beatles managed to [crystallize] the feelings of a generation of young people.
16. The children were making rock candy by putting a piece of string into sweetened water and waiting for the sugar to [crystallize] on the string.
17. Some people believe that [crystals] have special healing properties.
18. [Crystals] were frequently worn by ancient Egyptians as charms against bad luck.
19. Different cultures throughout the ages have used [crystals] variously for healing, protection against evil, decoration, and seeing into the future.

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